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A One-Day Conference on the Issues and Solutions Related to the Sustainability, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Durability for the Retrofit and Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings and New Construction

Building Envelope Solutions Toronto
When Sustainability Becomes Durability

On the Park Conference & Events Centre, Toronto, 1095 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

May 13, 2010

8:00 am Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:45 am Introduction & Opening Remarks
Kevin Day, Cladding Specialist, Halsall Associates Limited

9:00 am

Trouble-Shooting Your Building Envelope: Roof and Wall Interface Failures

When you have discovered damages due to moisture infiltration, how do you trouble-shoot your building envelope and what are your best solutions? Learn about roofing inspection methods for built-up and inverted systems, typical problems found on roofing systems – ponding/poor material selection, available re-roofing options. Building owners and managers benefit from proper maintenance and learn how to extend the life of a roofing system. Connections to wall assemblies, below grade waterproofing, and drainage will be presented.

Jim Jennings, C.E.O., Canadian Academy of Building Sciences Inc.

Ted Katsoris, Senior Project Manager, Morrison Hershfield Limited

10:30 am Refreshment Break

10:45 am

Seeing the Light and Getting the Real Dirt on Sustainable Roofs

The design community, project managers and owners are now, more than ever, at the crossroads with respect to balancing issues of roofing durability with sustainability. Presently, we are at a turning point with respect to balancing the technical issues of sustainable rooftop gardens, photovoltaic panels and white roofs, and the preventative steps that can be taken to reduce one’s roofing liability. The session will demonstrate the potential to reduce costs through the use of design strategies involving basic building science principles, new material technologies, proper detailing and building practices.

Scott Wylie, President, Wytech Building Envelope Solutions Inc.

12:00 pm Networking Luncheon

1:00 pm

Ventilated Rainscreen Facades and Their Impact on Building Performance

Building performance is measured in many ways, but often it is measured by its low maintenance, energy efficiency and durability. Water is the key culprit for failure and associated repairs. The building construction needs to allow for water while maintaining long lasting performance at low cost. The presentation will showcase studies of real buildings that have been reskinned to provide better performance, low cost maintenance and longer lasting buildings.

Blair Davies, Vice President and General Manager,
Engineered Assemblies Inc.

John Kubassek, President, Engineered Assemblies Inc.

2:00 pm Refreshment Break

2:15 pm

Fenestration, Durability and Sustainability: A Very Brief Diatribe!

Windows, doors, skylights and other fenestration components have a poor history as they relate to the modern day concept of durability and sustainability. Do fenestration standards really address durability and sustainability? Are we headed in the right direction, or in any direction at all with new designs, or are we fixated on short-term performance? In this session, these items will be explored using a mixture of interesting project anecdotes relating to the “rules of engagement” for fenestration components and their impact on the state of the art of the industry.

Greg Hildebrand, Head, Façade Engineering Group, Trow Associates Inc.

3:15 pm

Durable Building Envelope Design – New or Rehabilitated Buildings: Begin With the Outcome In Mind

To design a durable building envelope, it is important to identify cost-effective upgrades and assign life-cycle costs for major building components. In contrast, value-engineered decisions often carry risk if not properly qualified. Hence, designing a durable building envelope begins with the end in mind. Examples of new and rehabilitated durable building envelopes will be presented; including LEED certified projects that incorporate the Durable Building Credit (MRc8).

Kevin Day, Cladding Specialist, Halsall Associates Limited

4:15 pm Conference Adjourns